Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Base camp: Creative Seeds!

The momentum is incredible! I was heading up to Creative Seeds to teach an intro class for Community Dance Week there and had the thought, "you know what, just do the park there, just do it." I walk into the studio and on the wall is a petition for an actual park at Saturn Elementary School. Amazing. I am just the vessel.

So we are ON to set up a park with Creative Seeds and the parent association, Rings of Saturn. Hopefully the Neighborhood Council for Pico Blvd will come on board with some free water etc. Ashley Thompson, owner of the movement studio Creative Seeds, reports that the neighbors are already getting excited. The tentative set-up time is 11 AM, park opens at 12 noon. The studio might need to open the park earlier. I'll have more info later this evening.

I just scored some free plants for the pop-up park and they will remain there awaiting the actual park. Many thanks to Thea Mercouffer, director of Heather and Goliath. Now, does anybody have a truck because one is ten feet tall!

You will notice on the Park[ing] Day LA map that ours is the only park in the area. In fact, there is no park in that area of any kind for a 3 mile radius. Don't you want to come and sign the petition to get a park?

As far doing the Metered dance, this means we will have to drive to the other parks to get our groove on. I have an invite from some fellows on Abbot Kinney to come out and dance in their park, but there are no meters on that blvd. I will start there at 10 AM. Or a super secret park in an area I cannot disclose until day of...I also got a call from Marcus Quiland-Nazario to bring the Metered Dance out to CAARS' spot in Korea Town around 2 PM.

If you want to meet up with me, follow me on Twitter, @meterdance for updates. Tomorrow night, I will post a route calendar to let you know approximate locations and times for the Metered Dance. We will definitely be in Echo Park by 4:30PM.

Command the Dance will jump out of their office cubicles and into pop-up parks int he downtown district. If you are in their vicinity, you definitely want to join in.

Come and get limber with me in my FUNdamentals of African Dance class at noon, then we head out to the meters for some fun. After that...we shall see the sights of Angelenos' creativity and desire for greener spaces. Don't forget your cameras and some food! We'll have a late lunch on the "green."

more to come.

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